Oh I hate you so very, very much

Just a quick burst of hatred to keep you cool.

Did I mention that I hate my neighbors?

Well, guess what? I do.

Again (!) last night, they wake me up, sometime in the vicinity of too damn early.

Guess what the fights about this time? You guessed it! Marital infidelity! Yay!

You know, I’m being honest when I say that both of them are made for each other. I’d LIKE it if they got a divorce, just because they would both leave and I can always pray for a new neighbor: maybe a mute nun who’s only passion (besides the Lord, I mean) is knitting. Now, THAT sounds like a good thing!

But in reality, these two freaks deserve each other.

Just talking about it is making me tired (thanks a lot, fuckos). I’m going to TRY to take a little nap…if, that is, their demon-spawned toddler can keep her little yap closed for a while. I will tell you exactly what happened later tonight. If it ever happens again, I will be forced to call the police. Even though I might fantasize about them killing each other, I’m not going to put up with this spouse-abuse shit any longer. and that’s what it has escalated into.


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