Back In The Muf*ckin Saddle, G

howdy. i return to this blog, already in progress, and beg yer forgiveness my friends. poverty hath caused this miscreant to steal Internet usage as a multipart revenge fantasy-made-reality on my satanic neighbors. However, they found out I was piggybacking on their account, read my one-sided rants about how they need to schedule an appointment with Dr. Kevorkian or pull a murder-suicide pact. They were not amused. They verbally attacked me, and I dodged their verbal assault Matrix-style. Okay thats a lie. Actually, my comeback was: “Ah, fuck you!”

Terribly inventive, right?

I am now filching Internet off a business across the street. (When I log on, Jane’s Addiction “Been Caught Stealing” starts to play…its weird. I don’t like Perry Feral (my pet name for him) crawling about, willy-nilly in my head, regardless of how appropriate the song is…but ain’t stealin fun?)

I would never advocate real property theft but if you think I buy that hooey about invisible airwaves being a commodity you are a truly a capitalist pig. Not that I’m a commie or anything. I’m more of a victim’s rights Anarcho-Socialist Whigg I guess.

I will be starting up the Alabama Whigg Party in fact. Whiggs are way kool.

Anyway, this is just a love letter saying thanks for the support guys!

Starting tomorrow EVIL ROBOTS is once again EVIL.

P.S. WalMart blows. Can’t a guy get some decent BBQ sauce in this town? I mean, DAMN. All I wanted was some BBQ sauce!


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