10 More Extremely Disturbing

10 More Extremely Disturbing Movies

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  1. In the newspaper biz, a “morgue” is where back issues of the newspaper are kept–mostly to satisfy lawyers. With violence a national obsession, it’s a fitting name for the shelves of musty newsprint, and banks of microfiche readers. In my few years of newspaper skulduggery I’ve seen plenty of disturbing things…on and off-duty, thanks in no small part to the Internet. I’ve browsed the digital morgue of sites like Rotten.com, played the homemade jihad-TV broadcasts of beheadings (with the sound turned off, i couldn’t stand to listen) on exploitation media sites (actually, “exploitation” and “media” are pretty much synonymous by my reckoning)…and this “reality” TV has never desensitized me to violence…to say nothing of horror movies, which I adore. I’ve been sternly admonished about the effects of violence on my personal psychology. All B.S. If you are capable of desensitization, perhaps its not what you are watching or the frequency of your viewings, but simply that you are broken inside.
    Or maybe the nay-sayer’s and doomcryer’s of the world are right, and I’ve just not seen ENOUGH to push me over the loony line yet. Just in case, I have decided to watch all of these disturbing little gems. Well, actually I’ve seen the Waters’ flick, so I guess I can skip the dog-doodie eating.

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