Jon and Kate Plus 8 Plus Birth Control

If there is ANYTHING more horrible on TV than the hit show Jon and Kate Plus 8, I haven’t seen or heard of it. The fact that I actually watched this semiprecious turd for the best part of an hour is something I’m not exactly proud of. But as I’ve said before, I consider it “research” to subject myself to these horrid TV shows. It wouldn’t be fair to bitch about them if I’d never bothered to give the show-in-question a fair shake.

Most of the “suck” comes from the “Kate” of the aforementioned Jon and Kate. Not that Jon escapes suck-free. It was his seed, after all, that planted this Eight Is Enough garden in the fertile soil of uber-bitch Kate.

The episode I squirmed painfully through proves my point:

“I’m sorry, honey,” Kate says, turning from the camera to her mate. “Can you please stop breathing so loudly?”

BREATHING too loudly? My Good God, can you imagine the crap she pulls when they’re NOT in front of half of America..? If Jon is such a wuss that he puts up with this then in my ever-so-humble opinion, he’s getting what he deserves.

But apparently a sizable contingent of my fellow Americans have such meaningless lives that taking care of 8 snot engines vicariously through this pair is high entertainment. Personally, I’d rather watch that SuperShammy infomercial than see Jon and Kate again. I mean, WHY exactly are these two heroes? Is mass producing children in an already overburdened planet something to be proud of? NOBODY should be having 8 kids. It’s reprehensible and irresponsible. Unless you’re a trillionaire, you are sliding into an economic hole that you will likely never climb out of.


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