Too late for Jon and Kate

Okay. I watched again. I’m ashamed. I feel so…dirty. I’m such a greasy, nasty hypocrite. I spend a considerable amount of time yapping about reality TV and how disgusting, mindless, exploitive (and–at least from the perspective of the viewer–addictive) the genre often is…and I wake up one day with another ugly monkey on my back…this crack-addled simian called Jon and Kate Plus 8.

I had been so good, too. Four-plus years of Jerry Springer sobreity. Not a whiff of Oprah in almost six long years. I had almost forgotten the pull and power of gateway reality like Cops and the heavy stuff such as The Real World.

And now I’m jonesing for each new episode of ghetto dope like Repo. Just another reality junky.

Hi. My name is Greg. I’m an addict.

But there’s hope for me yet. Jon and Kate are getting a divorce. At least, that’s what many of my fellow addicts are praying to their Higher Power for.

And I know that seems pretty horrible to many people. Am I now a “double hypocrite”…since I’ve been divorced twice myself? Uhm…I don’t know. And I care even less. Of all the names I’ve been called over the years, “hypocrite” is solidly on the tame (and lame) side.

Owie. You hurrt m-my feewlings. (sniffle).

But now it seems that, not only have we made heroes of those who are–if nothing else–irresponsible breeders, but we’re going to cherish and publicly analyze and autopsy their divorce. TLC must be such a proud parent!

Speaking of proud parents…not only are we guilty of parenting vicariously through Jon and Kate, but we’re part of the problem. I say “we” because by watching more than the obligatory one episode necessary for me to maintain journalistic integrity…<PAUSE>…sorry…seem…..ouch! Got it. Where was I? Oh yeah, journalistic integ…coughcough...integ-cough-grity.

By watching Jon and Kate for a second time, I’ve become part of the problem. After all, part of the pull of the show seems to be our incessant desire to critique the parenting skills of others. Because I’m quite sure that only perfect parents with perfect kids would dare to whine about Kate spanking one of her little demon-spawn. 

And now we get to go through one of the most emotionally-damaging, soul-destroying events in life: a divorce settlment. This one involving eight children who have lived a very public life for the last several years.

I can hardly wait. Let the good times roll.


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  1. I don’t think it’s too late for, i look at it that they need a break from each other physically and mentally.

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