The New Nancy Grace Circle of Hell Opens


Nancy Grace

Nancy Grace (Before Burning In Hell)

One of the regular features of EVIL ROBOTS is ‘Rants’…which is (and with no apologies) simply “hate therapy”. Quite frankly, finding topics to rant about has never for one moment been difficult. Most of the time I need only click on my trusty Sony Trinitron and the subject matter pretty much oozes off the screen and onto…well, the other screen. After all, I’m a 30-something American living in the first decade of the 21st Century. Hate is kinda my birthright. Got Hate? It’s what’s for dinner.  Of course, ever so often the target of a Rant is just TOO easy. Take Nancy Grace, for example. Having been assaulted by her own particular brand of vitriol recently, the Rant I am currently preparing to rock-n-roll with is pretty much writing itself.

And it is particularly fitting that in my last Rant I mentioned Dante’s infernal classic Inferno. Because in THIS Rant I shall take artistic license from the long-cold fingers of Dante Alighieri (i.e. God’s Favorite Italian) and begin construction of a new Circle in the ever-widening concentric beauty of a small town called Dank Pitt. Since this gated suburban community is to be the home of Nancy Grace and Nancy Grace ALONE (she’s hurt ENOUGH people to allow her to bring any suffering to even a Homeowner’s Association in the Hereafter of Hades), I can think of no reason to pollute the sulphurous reek of Greater Hell with her cheap perfume and bitter ardour. Therefore, she is hereby consigned to a gated community in the suburb of Dank Pitt. Where you might be asking is Dank Pitt? It’s an upper-middle class suburb of Birmingham, Ala…err…I mean Hell. The gated communities that populate this hellhole are favored by rich, “pilates-n-crystal meth”-skinny white women with bottle-blonde hair. Weird how these little pockets of socioeconomic purgatory pop up, isn’t it?

Dante Alighieri Smiles For The Camera At The Opening of the “Nancy Grace Circle” of Hell in Dank Pitt, Wednesday.

So WHAT did Nancy Grace do to deserve her new diggs? I’m sorry, but if you REALLY need to ask me that you are obviously in need of your own address in Dank Pitt’s toney 90210-666 ZIP code.

Easier and quicker to ask what did she do LATELY.

Well, TODAY she managed to rake a guy over the coals because his wife apparently(NOTE: back when I was a member of the evil media cabal I would have been forced to say ‘allegedly’ here, instead) smoked a joint, drank a bottle of vodka and then killed 8 people (including herself and four children) by going the wrong way down a New York highway before ending things with a head-on collision. Now, despite the fact that this poor man just BURIED his daughter, three neices and his wife who apparently/allegedly is responsible for this carnage, Grace decided that (as usual) death was not enough punishment to sate her thirst for “responsibility”. The man–through a lawyer–had the temerity to offer some medical-related issues that might have played some part in his dead wife’s impaired condition.

Of course, the fact that grieving parents have to lawyer-up nowadays before their loved-one’s are decently covered by a spadefull-or-two of earth is apparently lost on the salt-of-said-earth, Nancy the Graceless. It COULDN’T be because lawyers-turned-media figures are inflaming a public sensibility obsessed with making everybody PAY with Quentin Tarrantino-sized amounts of blood and revenge…could it? <GASP!>

After all, the guy-in-question was MARRIED to this repugnant woman. He MUST have KNOWN about his dead wife’s love of Absolut and purple nuggs of New York skunk…right? Hell, he probably force-fed her the 10-shots of 80-proof liquor, the psychopharmacologic effects of which one of Grace’s “experts” sagely described in detail.

Of course, the highlight of Grace’s graceless death-mongering was worth the elevated blood pressure preparing this Rant has caused me. It was priceless, really. One of her “experts” managed to sneak in an audio-only reply that Grace’s producers must have been unable to cull from the broadcast. An expert who had probably been checked to make sure her comments were likely to be Nancy-friendly. But, right before a break (conveniently enough) her guest/expert told Nancy very matter-of-fact: “Well, Nancy, not all tragedies have to end up with a jail sentence.”

Apparently this comment (admittedly not verbatim, since I was shocked into silence by its utterance) was NOT nancy-friendly. No acid-dripping reply came from Grace’s southern sweet-tea mandibles. Her producer managed to cut off the video (oh and THAT look would have been priceless!), and before the show switched to commercial break, the video was replaced with a color still publicity shot of Nancy, with info on how to purchase her just-released first crime novel on a ticker underneath the frozen, sweet-as-iced tea rictus.

Hell never looked sweeter, Nance.



  1. NG afraid to have her own deposition videotaped.

    Jan.25,2010 Nancy Grace, and she’s afraid and panicking about her depo being videotaped about her criminal actions will be manipulated by the media.

    JANUARY 25, 2010–Television host Nancy Grace, who has made a career of berating people live on the air, is worried that her videotaped deposition this week in a wrongful death lawsuit might be leaked to the media, which could then “cut and splice” and “manipulate” her words into sound bites that would appear “wholly out of context,” which, by the way, is exactly what Nancy Grace does continuously against victims of most cases she covers on her show. Sounds like Nancy is scared enough to show up drunk again at this upcoming deposition scheduled for Thursday, then to later explain why she was shown as being highly suspicious in all her answers, which she would attribute to her known and admitted difficulties Nancy says she still suffers from alcohol and drug problems. In an emergency motion filed today in U.S. District Court in Ocala, Florida, Grace’s lawyers asked a judge to either bar the filming of her deposition this Thursday or issue a protective order prohibiting dissemination of the video. Grace, “/archive/1121061grace1.html” by the parents of Melinda Duckett, a 21-year-old Florida woman who committed suicide in 2006 a day after she was cross-examined by the CNN Headline News host about the whereabouts of her missing two-year-old son. Police have described Duckett as the prime suspect in the disappearance of her son Trenton, who has not been found. In the motion, a copy of which you’ll find below, Grace’s attorneys noted that “there already have been threats to Ms. Grace during the tendency of this lawsuit,” adding that if the videotape were to surface pre-trial, such a leak would “serve no purpose but to further harass, embarrass, and intimidate Ms. Grace and corrupt the jury pool.” In a response filed this afternoon, Duckett’s relatives called Grace’s legal maneuvering a “frivolous, untruthful motion,” since they had previously agreed to keep her videotaped testimony confidential. Grace’s deposition is scheduled for 9 AM Thursday in the Atlanta offices of Holland & Knight, her lawyers. (7 pages)
    But, thats what happens to many out-of-control drunks and drug users 😦

    • NG: the other white meat.

      • That other hunk of meat is expired. 🙂

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