So…why does that get an ALL CAPS TITLE..? Is it because, as a left-leaning, liberal writer, a holiday that celebrates the Common Man(tm) in all his Dickies-n-combat boots-wearin’, Neil Young-listenin’, Pabst Blue Ribbon sippin’, backyard BBQ-in’, blue collar-laborin’ is naturally my favorite holiday? Err…No. Is it that whole business of wearing white before/during/after Labor Day? Huh? No. What it MEANS is that I have two weeks (roughly) until my birthday.

And THAT means that I have two weeks to finish my novel, An Evening Everlong. I can tell you are totally excited. Well, that’s great for you. For me, it means I have to work harder than I’ve ever worked in my entire life. And its already been a LONG, HOT SUMMER. Hot with two-T’s, to be exact.

Not that I’ve talked about it, but I think the “long” and “hot” part of this summer MIGHT have a little something to do with the fact that I MAY have (MAY, I say) involved myself in more projects than I can realistically work on, much less accomplish, before the wintry snows of laziness set in. You see, in addition to making a solemn vow to finish this novel by my birthday, I’m also already involved in making not one but TWO films that are in varying degrees of progress. The first one is a take-off on 1950’s sci-fi movies called The Lost Idol of Amun-Ra. It was written (for the most part, though I did contribute a dab here and there) by David Lusk. I’m directing. The second one is a zombie movie, the name of which (as of right now) is “Arise”..though this is only a working title. I’m writing the screenplay and co-directing that one.

All of this pretty much means that I am feeling very punch-drunk and am likely legally insane…like I said, its been a long, hott summer. Be that as it may, the pressure is having an unexpected side-effect: I’m really starting to ACCOMPLISH STUFF!

Last night I watched the incredible film loudQUIETloud which is a documentary about The Pixies. It’s also a great description of the volume of the voices in my head. The last music-related documentary I watched was about Joy Division, which left me in a deep depressive funk for a day or ten after seeing it. So I was a little hesitant when I found this one on SilverScreen.com…after all, with all this stuff going on, I just don’t have time for a good old-fashioned deep depression. Or even a moderately shallow one. And though the bands in question are very different from each other, I did discover them around the same time…1988 or thereabouts. But while Joy Division still has the capacity to make me pensive at the happiest and downright down-in-it sad at worst, The Pixies have always had some sonic alchemy capable of making me smile no matter what. They are my official Kidney Stone Music, though I haven’t tested whether Francis Black and Company can make me grin as I’m screaming for morphine, yet. Hopefully I won’t actually have to test that one.

Anyway, I’m thinking that maybe I need to relax a bit. Flying saucers and brain-eating zombies will still be around, threatening my weird world, no matter the season. If the Pixies have taught me anything about life, it’s that you need to take the time to listen…to REALLY LISTEN. The Devil–after all–is always is the details.

Anyway, it has also struck me that if I started posting more about my life and less about what pisses me off on TV, EVIL ROBOTS might actually turn into the blog it was supposed to be in the first place…that is, about science fiction and writing and filmmaking and such. I’ve excused this lapse on my part by saying (to myself): “I’m living that part of my life, so I don’t need to write about it.” But it has been suggested to me by a friend recently that many people who DON’T write science fiction, make indie films, and basically live the life of a Geek Demigod might find things I consider really quite boring to be interesting, while most people agree that Jon and Kate Plus 8 and other such reality nonsense is in fact a large steaming turd, and don’t need ME to remind them of it.

So I apologize. I will try to bore you with more news of the EXCITING, SEXY life of a 30-something divorced SCI FI WRITER and LESS by telling you why I hate Wal-Mart and reality TV.

So get ready to suck down the EXCITEMENT people. YEAH!

Oh, yeah: about the two-T’s in HOTT…I’m also co-writing the male perspective on the new blog, XSEX. When you stop laughing, head on over to http://xsex.wordpress.com and check it out. IF you are over 18 of course. I know, I know. WHY haven’t I been writing about my incredibly HOTT SEX LIFE before now..? I was too busy living it, baby.


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