Murder: It’s American!


After a two week hiatus (okay, “more or less”), I’m patrolling the television airwaves last night, looking for blog fodder. I’m basically thinking about breaking new ground with raw, undiluted honesty. Meaning, I’ve been toying with the idea of blogging about some of the real-life misadventures that make up my life: the good, the bad, and the ugly. This would of course mean that I would be discussing a lot of things that have been more or less off limits until now. I bitch, whine, and complain about things, and talk AROUND a lot of personal issues that affect my life. I am, after all, trying to exorcise a novel while at the same time exorcising some pretty strong and potent personal demons. Sometimes it seems like I am failing. Othertimes I feel pretty good about fighting the pretty good fight. But I took some time off while dithering with the details, made some promises, broke some; went to a Halloween Party. Then I decided to go ahead with it, to talk more about these inner demons and take their power away. Then I could, like a soul-sucking black demonblade (don’t ask), add this power to my own. Physician: Heal Thyself. Except that I’m not, strictly speaking, a physician. I was gonna start the blog again, fresh, and be honest. Honestly. Then I picked up the remote, ready to turn off the idiot box. After all, I didn’t have to find crap to complain about on TV for my blog. I would complain about MYSELF…I would be HONEST.

And then “Breaking News”: they were digging a dozen bodies out of some yard, carting them piecemeal (sorry, I didn’t so that on purpose: just being honest) from a lunatics house. Who? Didn’t catch the name. THAT many? Decomposed…some as long as…YEARS?! Well, maybe I can be honest later. This is not the average news story. Well…sadly…it kinda IS, isn’t it? Anyway: is this another Dahmer? Gacy? He’s got Dahmer’s body count beaten already, but the repetitive video clips of ashen-faced crime scene cops carrying out body bags and…well, just BAGS…is eerily like those old, early 90’s clips of Dahmer’s kitchen getting cleaned. Ewww. 

I finally fell asleep, had a nightmare.

Now, tonight: fire up the ‘puter. Found an errant, stray wi-fi signal nobody was using. Got online…typed in “” and logged in. Let’s get HONEST….


“Breaking News”: Oh no.

A military psychologist at Fort Hood, Texas shot and killed 12 people, then managed to wound 31 more, according to early reports. Apparently the medical doctor had been killed at the scene. Then, the army reversed itself: the suspect was alive. Those early reports were a bit shady. But he is, apparently, now in military custody and in stable condition, though he’s left a wide swathe of carnage behind him that’s about as far from “stable” as one can get. Fort Hood is home to more than 50,000 people, being the largest military base in the U.S.

Major Malik Nadal Hasan was about to be posted to the Middle East. Investigators revealed that Internet postings by Hasan included information about suicide bombings. One of those insta-experts MSNBC finds on short notice guessed that Hasan may have believed killing soldiers at Fort Hood may have saved thousands of Muslims in the Middle East. Way to hype the situation! That’ll calm everyone down!

Anyway, it’s been two days or mayhem. I just don’t want to be personally honest right now. But stay tuned. I’m sure nothing else bad can happen before I turn the TV off…

oh shit.

Republican public protests (disguised as a “press conference”) against Obama healthcare reform featured the ever-droll Congresswoman Bachman comparing healthcare reform to Nazi death camps. Okay, this is ENOUGH.  A big poster is labeled: “National Socialist Healthcare – Dachau, 1945” showing a pile of bodies of Holocaust victims. Masses of elderly Americans mill about, terrified by the party line that age-related government-sponsored euthanasia is Obama’s goal. Okay, TV: OFF.


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