Back From The Edge

Hello again, friends and neighbors. Sorry I’ve been a bit lax of late in keeping up with my blogging responsibilities. I must plead sickness. Being a sugarfiend caught in the desperate throes of uncontrolled diabetes, my health has recently leapt from the windows of its previous unassailable ivory tower, plunging into the depths of pukey sickness, into the realms of overpriced snake-oil sales and miscellaneous medicated tonics try-out’s, designed (so they assure me) to return my impregnable walls of health to their pre-sick splendour. I am–in short–back from the edges of danger and disease and distress, hopefully for a long while.

Anyhow, thanks for the kind words and support. It’s been a long, hard road and the only exit in sight isn’t one that anyone wants to take. Still, I feel better today than I felt yesterday…and that’s something. Humor–that most pleasant-tasting of beneficial beverages–is a draught that’s sustained me. If you can’t laugh you might cry. Ha-ha-sniffle-hee-ha-ho-ho-whine. You get the picture.

So I try to smile.

I miss chocolate truffle cake so bad it hurts. Keep smiling, you sugar-free fool.


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