A Second Chance At Life

I’ve decided to give EVIL ROBOTS a second chance at life. Mainly because of you guys (the three or maybe four people who read this thing). EVIL ROBOTS started without any real clear purpose…which is how my favorite blogs ALWAYS start. In other words, they are like the virtual publishing equivalent of Seinfeld. Which is a TV show about nothing. Creator Larry David has said it. Jerry Seinfeld has said it, too. They’ve even joked about it on the show. Like that sitcom (but not as funny), EVIL ROBOTS wasn’t really ABOUT anything. I toyed with the idea of writing it from the angle of a paranoid schizophrenic who was convinced that “evil robots” were living amongst us, reading his thought waves and making nefarious plans to replace people with talking toaster ovens. I have on several occasions blogged about my incredibly exciting and sexy live as a science fiction writer and (sometimes) journalist.

But the BEST posts…the one’s people seemed to LIKE the best, at least, were the posts that were about…well…nothing in particular. My insane neighbors when I lived at THE DAVIS HOUSE lofts in Fort Payne, Alabama. My dog Bustah and why he seems to enjoy smelling the butts of other dogs so much. Getting an email from an ex-girlfriend on Facebook. Just the errata of one guy’s life.

Recently, I moved (yet again), and I’ve been without a reliable Internet provider for a bit (yet again). I DID manage to keep up with a semi-comedic sexblog (http://xsex.wordpress.com) I contribute to by using the free wi-fi at the local McDonald’s and my LG phone. By the way, in response to the fan letters I’ve gotten from XSEX posts: thanks. In response to the hate mail: if you don’t like it, don’t READ it, idiot! Despite some of the content and the name of the blog, XSEX isn’t what is seems to be…though quite a few people still seem to think I’m some kind of junior pornographer because I post there…sad there’s so many idiots out there.

Anyway, I was going to give up on EVIL ROBOTS…but when I logged in today to write a farewell post…I just COULDN’T. And then I noticed that–on April 15–there was suddenly and unaccountably a sharp rise in the readership stats. WHAT’S THIS?? I hadn’t posted anything on that date (or close to it). I hadn’t posted anything on XSEX on or near that date, either…so it couldn’t be cross-traffic. I checked Facebook (which I occasionally keep up with) and MySpace (which I’ve all but abandoned). Zip. For some reason, there was suddenly a rise in interest in my little, weird blog.

So I guess I will keep at it a little while longer. Sigh. I guess “thanks for reading”. Sigh. Now I have to think up something to bitch about….hmmm….


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